Sunday: Sauvie Shootout!

We are very stoked to announce Team AF will be leading a "C" group at this weekend's Sauvie Shootout! The Sauvie Shootout is a fast, fun ride that takes place every Sunday at 9:00 am. The ride rolls out from Ovation Coffee in NW and heads out Highway 30 to Sauvie Island for a couple of laps. The "A" group dukes it out in a fast, race-pace ride with a couple of sprints, and the "B" group rides at a more moderate (but still brisk) tempo pace and picks up riders who have been shelled by the "A" group. 

If you're a woman/trans/femme person who's been wanting to try the Shootout but has been intimidated, April 16 is your day! Team AF will be leading a "C" group for this weekend's Shootout. We'll roll out just behind the big group and will take the same route out to Sauvie Island for some laps. We'll do some group riding practice, some pacelining drills, and some sprinting. If you're interested, please get in touch! 

Route here

Team AF Inaugural Ride & Meetup

We're very, very stoked to announce that the inaugural Team AF ride and meetup will be held on Saturday, April 8, 2017. We'll meet at Upper Left Roasters at 9:30, and rollout for a 25-30 mile ride at 10:00. Pace will be social, but not slow; expect about 14 mph average. 

We'll finish at the Piknik Park food cart pod in Sellwood for some lunch, weather permitting. 

You can find the route here. RSVP for the Ride with GPS event here