jordan Faulds

Jordan started racing bikes in 2012, when she was registered without her prior knowledge as 1/2 of a two-person team for an 8-hour mountain bike race. After two terror-filled laps, she decided to try cyclocross instead, and then started road racing in 2013. She currently prefers dirt and gravel and aims to get back to mountain bike racing. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hanging out with her dog and husband, and eating snacks. Her favorite rides are with friends and tend to involve gravel, snacks, and maybe a margarita or something.






Hazel Gross

Hazel is a national treasure who's been messing with bikes for decades. She's been a bike messenger, a mechanic, a Kiddie Kross rabbit, and now, co-captain of Team AF. She enjoys crushing at cross, mountain bike, road, and track races, and also time trials. Oh, and she is a bikepacker, plant medicine miracle worker (ask her about her crotch salve), and all around radical human. 



Christy Hawkins

Christy is a powerhouse not just on the road and in cross (and soon on the mountain bike!), but she's also a fantabulous designer and put together the amazing Team AF kits! Another former bike messenger, Christy gets fast by training with her two kids in the PDX Devo program as well as crushing team rides.